My background is in running the in-house communication departments of large, blue-chip companies.  In a career spanning over 25-years, I have created and implemented communication strategies for Sainsbury’s, BT and Unilever, as well as providing counsel and advice for CEOs.

I have used the power of communications to make and embed change.  Businesses, brands, and leaders need help in connecting their messages with the wider community of stakeholders, and I have helped promote and protect reputations by creating communication strategies.

As my career progressed, I recognised that communications is often a poor proxy for behaviour.  It really is what you do and not just what you say.  I also saw that businesses and leaders needed to spend more time actively listening.  And so I upgraded my skills and trained as an executive coach with Myler Campbell.  Now I combine communication and consultancy with coaching, bringing a unique offering to support businesses and leaders through change.

I read Government at Essex University, attended the Advanced Management Programme at Wharton Business School, and am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.  I am also a partner at the Change Agency, a director of CommunicateTV, a senior advisor at Hudson Sandler, as well as working for a number of pro bono organisations. I am also a keen choral singer and am vice-chairman of the English Chamber Choir.

Finally, much of my working life has been based in and around the St Paul’s and Blackfriars area of the City of London; which is one reason that I took the photographs that illustrate this website.

Tim Johns coaching, counselling and advising skills