Executive Coaching

Coaching is about listening and questioning to help executives understand their true values and motivations. It is about challenging their assumptions and helping them to reframe their context and their place in it. Only by grounding their lives in this reality can executives become the leaders that they want to be. Clients today live complex lives with pressures from many competing areas. The coaches role is to help clients understand those competing pressures and to find a pathway that enables them to navigate their way through that ambiguity and make a success of their lives.

Portfolio Career Preparation

For a variety of reasons, increasing numbers of people are moving towards a portfolio lifestyle. We help executives transition from being dependent on one job with one company towards an independent life with a variety of overlapping roles. We help clients consider their purpose, their needs and values, and encourage an independent and entreprenurial mindset.

Leadership Communication

Leaders need to earn the trust of their people not merely through their words but, most importantly, through their actions. We help leaders think about the whole of communications, emphasising behaviours such as listening and engaging. We then create specific programmes designed to support individual needs.

Communication Strategy

We work with you and your communication teams to design effective and impactful communications for your organisation. Our specialities are reputational management across all audiences with a focus on outcomes not output.

Communication Audits

We provide audits of the effectiveness of your communications, looking at your tools and channels, and the structure you employ. The aim of the audits is to enable you to be more compelling in your engagement with the audiences that matter to you.

Change Management

We support your change processes by offering high level strategic counsel to you and your teams. Our particular focus is on creating a collaborative environment, breaking down silos, and letting employees and other stakeholders become the agents of change and not its victims.