I act as your coach, trusted advisor, and strategic counsellor.

  • I make complex things simple
  • I humanise organisations and issues
  • I give people the confidence to see and do things differently.

My main programmes are:


My coaching style is all about listening and questioning to help you understand your true values and motivations. By challenging assumptions, I can help reframe the context and support you as you navigate your way through complex business and personal change.


First it was working from the office. Then it was working from home. Now, it feels like living at the office. I can help you and your teams make sense of the blur between work and home, and build resilience into their lives. output. Working at home can be a big imposition, and it’s not easy getting the balance right. My coaching and counselling can help make sense of the hybrid work environment


I help you tell your story. I help you find the right words and the best way to engage all your audiences. In the new hybrid, flexible work environment, communicating effectively has never been more important.


I support your change processes by offering high level strategic counsel to you and your teams. My particular focus is on creating a collaborative environment, breaking down silos, and letting employees and other stakeholders become the agents of change and not its victims.