In a career spanning over 25-years, I led communication teams for blue-chip companies. I created and implemented communication strategies for Sainsbury’s, BT and Unilever, as well as providing counsel and advice for CEOs.

I trained as an executive coach with Myler Campbell and now combine communications and consultancy with coaching, bringing a unique offering to support businesses and leaders through change.

I am the author of a new book, Leading from Home, which explores office-based work compared with real issues around working from home. It also looks to the future, aiming to help leaders think beyond what’s immediately in front. Leading from home will have provided many challenges, but the biggest will be to change legacy mindsets and attitudes.

I read Government at Essex University, attended the Advanced Management Programme at Wharton Business School, am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, and a Freeman of the City of London.  I am also a partner at the Change Agency, an Associate at US-based Alchemy-RX, as well an advisor and trustee to a number of  pro bono organisations and charities.

Finally, much of my working life has been based in and around the St Paul’s and Blackfriars area of the City of London; which is one reason that I took the photographs that illustrate this website.