Just keep dancing

There’s nothing like a good crisis to bring people together.  At times of catastrophe and urgency, it gladdens the heart to see society embracing its shared humanity as it fights for the last hand sanitiser in the supermarket. Self first, family second, and neighbours and everyone else third.  Ser...

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How should we react?

What is the proper way to react to the current situation?  Ought we try and make the best of it by carrying on regardless?  Should we panic or volunteer, write a novel or learn the piano? Is it ok to feel scared and must we blame others? And is work more important than family? And talking of family,...

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Coaching through a crisis

A crisis is, by definition, not business as usual.   It requires different ways of thinking, acting, and behaving.  Everyone knows this, but not everyone makes the necessary shift.  One of the most consistent things I’ve heard in recent days is how manic people are, how frantic everythin...

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After the Storm Jan29

After the Storm

I’ve never experienced a hurricane.  A real hurricane.  But I know people who have, including people who live on a main hurricane route.  For them, every year there is a hurricane season. And there’s the “once in ten years” hurricane. And then there’s the “once in 50 years” hurric...

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Time to move on from Myers Briggs

I wrote this essay in 2016 as part of my coaching training with Meyler Campbell.

My relationship with Myers-Briggs has undergone a transformation.  Since my first exposure to it over 15 years ago, I have gone from being a true believer to sc...

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