Tomorrow’s Company, today

Regular reader(s) of this blog will know that I find work fascinating. Like Jerome K Jerome, I can look at it for hours. And for a while I’ve been interested in how we organise ourselves to jointly create (*) goods and services that provide a value for society. It has always seemed to me that, given the opportunity, in most case...

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Interesting times, and how to respond. Aug12

Interesting times, and how to respond.

May you live in interesting times, says the famous Chinese curse.  Well, it certainly feels as if we’re all cursed at the moment.  Social, political, and economic turmoil, coupled with growing environmental issues, are all combining to such an extent that we’re seemingly suffering from corporate discombobulation. Every day ther...

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Things have changed Aug12

Things have changed

I used to think that I was good at change; after all, I coach people and organisations on embracing change and even call myself a change agent.  But, as Bob Dylan said, things have changed.  And I don’t think I’m alone in finding it all rather wearisome.  I sense that one of the chief outcomes of the political, social, environ...

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You’ve got no mail Aug12

You’ve got no mail

As cheesy romcoms go, You’ve got mail is on most lists.  We all remember the visceral excitement of getting our first emails: the sense of communion, and of being part of a brave new digital world.  20 years later and perhaps we have hit peak email.  Few work-related issues seem to stress people out more than the size o...

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Events, dear boy, events Aug12

Events, dear boy, events

When the then UK Prime Minister, Harold MacMillan, was asked what could blow his government off its course he famously replied: “Events, my dear boy, events.”  Things rarely go in a straight line, shit happens (as the phrase goes), and few strategies stand the test of time.  This conflict of strategy meeting reality was probabl...

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M&A – lessons from failure Aug12

M&A – lessons from failure

The majority of M&A, it seems, end in failure.  They simply don’t produce the expected results, destroying rather than creating value.  And yet every year companies continue down the path with their eyes wide shut.  Books have been written and lectures given but still lessons are seemingly ignored. Sometimes it is because M&...

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